Visit Prague

Everyone knows, that Czechia has a lot of different parts. We have a lot of nature interesting places. We have a lot of historical places, but we have also a very beautiful cities and Prague is the queen between these cities. Let me give you some interesting Prague travel tips, which you may need during your vacation in this amazing city. So, you can not miss for example:

Václavské náměstí

  • Charles Bridge is the oldest bridge in Prague. It connects the Lesser Town with the Old Town – the historical centre of Prague. This bridge was built by Charles IV. It is decorated with 3O statues in baroque style. On the bridge there are-many artists and musicians, stalls with pictures of Prague and with jewellery for tourists.
  • The Old Town Squareis the centre of historical Prague. It is well known for the astronomical clock with twelve apostles. There are also many hotels and restaurants and gift shops.
  • Jewish Townis a part of historical Prague. In the past the Jews were not allowed to live in any other place but the ghetto. Now all that remains are several synagogues. The best known are the old-New Synagogue and Pinkas Synagogue. On the walls of this Synagogue are written the names of victims from the Nazi terror. Nearby there is an old Jewish cemetery and a Jewish museum.
  • Wenceslas squareis a commercial centre of Prague. It is known for its statue of St. Wenceslas on a horse in the upper part of the square. There are many shops, small cafeterias, fast foods, hotels and restaurants. On the top of the square there is the National Museum. It is the biggest and the oldest Czech museum.
  • St. Vitus Cathedralis the most impressive building. The Cathedral of St. Vitus is the biggest church in Prague, and it holds the national crown jewels.

As you can see, Prague gives you really a lot of different sightseeing and you can be sure, that you will need more than one day to see it all, but you can be sure that you will not regret.